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Terran Severance

Pure Epic Metal from the ICT

Music of purpose and power.


Cleansing the barriers of perception

Conceived in 2018 by Eric Price after the dissolution of his previous band Inflection and left in heavy contemplation of life and its eternal consequence he began writing a group of songs that would lead to Terran Severance. 

Joined by childhood friend and veteran Wichita KS drummer Jesse Taylor the two soon enlisted Zach Clayton to fill out the low end on bass. Having recently been a band with James Barlow, Zach suggested getting him into the fold to round out the other half of the guitar and vocal duties. 

Over the next year the quartet worked to finish rounding out and evolving the work Eric had begun into the Perception Barrier LP.

With a strong sense of songcraft and a timeless approach to all things metal Terran Severance have been breathing a fresh life into a classic metal approach.


In 2022, Eric decided to part ways with the band after a conflict of heart. Terran Severance continues on as a three-piece band, and in February relased their newest EP, Omina.

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